Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Who Really Made Your Watch?

Sounds like a silly question, because hey - the name's on the dial, right?

Well, yes and no. The majority of watch brands from the small micro to the mighty group member use various forms of white label companies to put their watches together. But wait, there's more! Several so-called white label assemblers don't do any actual assembly themselves either, they farm it out to different sub contractors. Not unlike the construction of a new building is designed by an architect, then a contractor is hired, who then hires carpenters, electricians, plumbers, well you get the idea.

And it goes further. Just as you don't expect the Mayor of Flavor Town himself to be preparing your "Guy-talian Nachos" or "Tex Wasabi’s Koi Fish Tacos", it is ridiculous to think that F.P. Journe himself put your watch together. The good news is that at that level, he (or at this point, whoever is in charge of production) has hired, trained and now supervises the watchmakers. And that is fair enough, by all accounts he is a bit of a hard case and insists on only the best of the best.  And as for the Mayor of Flavor Town? Well that's for you daring would-be culinary critics to determine for yourselves ; )
Shamelessly Borrowed from the World Wide Infoweb
So what am I driving at here? Essentially, there's not really much "there" there. In a few very rare cases you are going to find a watch actually assembled by the actual company with the name on the dial. And I highly doubt you're going to find that at a price under $500. 

So maybe it is time to stop reading the dross that is force fed to you by (I am beginning to believe) the same group of copywriters who are apparently writing for 90% of the Swiss brands waxing lyrical about Savoir Faire. It's almost as if you're stuck in a high school drinking game where every time Savoir Faire is mentioned, you have to take a drink.

Gentle reader, pick a watch because you like it. If you're shopping based on the name on the dial, chances are better than likely that your watch was only finally touched by the brand when the watch finally arrived with all of the rest of the outsourced assembly order to be inventoried and shipped.

But then again, apparently a lot of people love going to Flavor Town, so what the hell do I know?

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