Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Build Your Own Watch

Now to be clear, I have not seen, touched or put together one of the watch kits from ROTATE.
Courtesy of ROTATE
The company is (according to their website) based in Los Angeles.
Courtesy of ROTATE
So for $195, you get the watch components and tools to assemble those parts.
Courtesy of ROTATE
Here are the pertinents, straight from the source.  I want to stress this point, because at a total listed price of $195.00, I sincerely doubt that the movement is an actual ETA 6497-1 ; )

All-in-one kit to build your own mechanical watch. Parts, tools, and a user-friendly guide included.
- ETA 6497-1 model 17 jewel mechanical movement
- Hand-wound & battery-free
- PU leather straps
- 44mm case diameter
- Sapphire glass case, featuring a clear case back

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