Wednesday, April 15, 2020

On a Lighter Note - UNDONE!

So, you're stuck at home.  And you like watches.  And maybe, just maybe, you fancy yourself a bit of a frustrated watch designer?

Well pals and gals, allow me to introduce you to UNDONE!

Now many of you have maybe heard about Undone with their partner watches for Peanuts, Batman, and my personal favorite?  Ultraman!
Shamelessly borrowed from the world-wide info-web
With some cool homage pieces like this little bijoux -
Courtesy of Undone
But sometimes, you want to try your own thing, and Undone's Customizer allows you to flex your creative muscles.  

So, I hopped on, and started with the Vintage Killy -
Courtesy of Undone
But I thought to myself, Henki (for it is my Nom de Montre), what if I changed things up a bit?

Well, a few clicks and minutes later -
Courtesy of Undone (and Henki)
The customizer gives you the ability to change the hands shape, color, even add your initials (or nom de montre), not just the strap!

So don't let cabin fever get you down!  Embrace your inner watch designer with Undone!

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