Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Klokers II - Electric Boogaloo!

Curious to relate -
2020 and Klokers is announcing its new journey in time.
A legacy, a pioneering approach to time-piece
and accessory creation and innovation.
« When the very essence of a brand is respected, it cannot fail but to return 
all the stronger and more imaginative, without losing any of its integrity.
Today I am delighted to find these time-pieces which I designed. 
So easily identifiable, they have made Klokers’ reputation in just a few years.
It is a challenge that we will rise to together, to protect our time, 
which is the most precious commodity each of us has. »
Nicolas Boutherin
Concept Designer & Artistic Director at Klokers 
Building on their savoir-faire and their extensive expertise in industry,
product design, branding and the digital world, the entrepreneurs have developed
a new organisation with a view to cultivating and promoting 
the essence of Klokers both in France and internationally.

I guess we shall wait, and we shall see.  I am honestly not even remotely sure how the hell you build on savoir-faire, particularly of a brand that went into receivership.

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  1. I wish the brand would go one step further and actually have someone who speaks English translate for them. Then maybe it would make sense....