Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Tourer GMT/Triple Calendar/Three Hand

From Straton -

Courtesy of Straton
These are the latest releases and as always, Straton has strived to offer variety and options to its dedicated customers.

Owing to that, the Tourer is available in three different versions:
Triple Calendar
Three Hand

And is also available in different sizes and colors.  But they go a bit further.  They are offering different movement types as well.

The current pricing is pre-order, and is currently at its lowest level.  The price will adjust upwards as the number of available watches decreases.  As Straton puts it:

Proud to launch the Straton Tourer GMT, Triple Calendar and three hand watches. By pre-ordering early you are saving up to 30% on retail prices. The prices will increase by $50 every month until it’s retail price is reached so ordering as soon as possible guarantees not only the lowest price but also delivery, price includes delivery. Each version of the Tourer is limited to a first production of 300 pieces per variation (example GMT Automatic limited to total of 300, GMT Quartz limited to 300, etc.

Courtesy of Straton
The Tourer GMT is available in a 43 mm version (Strap only) for $499.  $519 will get you the bracelet, and $539 will get you both the strap and the bracelet.  

It is also available in a quartz version either in a slightly smaller 40 mm version, or in a 43 mm version.  This one is $299 on a strap, $319 on a bracelet, and $339 with both strap and bracelet.

Courtesy of Straton
The Triple C Automatic is 43 mm and is priced at $499 on a strap, $469 on bracelet and $489 with both.

The Three Hand Automatic is available in 2 sizes - 40 and 43 mm. It is currently $399 on the strap, $419 on the bracelet, and $439 with both strap and bracelet.

As is often the case with Straton, you also have some choice in terms of color ways -
five to be precise!  Black, Blue, Gold, Green and Rust/Brown.

We will update with news and developments as Straton gets closer to delivery date.

Stay Tuned!

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