Sunday, December 22, 2019

Done, But Not Finished!

Courtesy of Done

It is possible that you have already heard of them, but in case you haven't this is DONE.  This may seem like an unusual name for a watch brand, but the story behind it is compelling.

Per their website:

How to find a name that best defines the image that the founder wants to give to his watches, to his philosophy ? The process may look simple but is in fact terribly difficult.
It is while discussing about his watches around him that he realizes that his project is for him more than a dream, it is an accomplishment. The need to be able to say one day with pride, i realised my dream, i made it to the end « it’s done ».
That is how the name « Done » came out of the dark for the first time.
The name « DONE WATCHES » has a double signification, because it represents not just the personal challenge of making it to the end of your ideas « It’s DONE » but also to be associated to the birth region of this adventure, Neuch√Ętel, « DO » in « NE »

But back to the watches -
Courtesy of DONE
This is the MECHANICA C03. 

The case is of stainless steel and measures 40 mm in diameter.  Hours, minutes, seconds and a very visible date.  The movement is the SW400.  So it is safe to say that DONE will not be done-in by a lack of ETA 2824s ; )

And finally, the price - CHF 495!  This is a "coming attraction" and my understanding is that deliveries will start just about BaselWorld time next year - April/May 2020.

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