Wednesday, July 24, 2019

When Peanut Butter Met Jelly

It was fucking AWESOME!

This is the latest collaboration from the Black Badger.  It doesn't hurt that my new favorite free-bird, Canadian, and fellow Nordic Expat (me for a good chunk of the 90s) put his stamp on this partnership with fellow "outside the boxer" George Bamford.  The Black Badger is the nom de montres of James Thompson, liver of life and realizer of dreams.

For most of us who write about this stuff, we all fantasize about having that one thing, that bit of secret sauce that will launch a reputation even half the size that these two guys enjoy.  In an industry that shits the bed at the notion of driving in a different lane, the Black Badger and Bamford Watch Department have breathed fresh life into an industry that was in desperate need of an enema.  Sounds a bit harsh?  Yeah, well I can live with that.

The world is full of ordinary people.  These latest pieces are proof positive that the world is looking for something extraordinary, and that's just what these two new pieces are.

I tend to gush when I get excited about something, so I am going to simply encourage you to RUN, not walk, and put your marker down for one of these!

Visit Bamford Department here -

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