Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Longing - continued

Okay, as you regular readers will no doubt know, I interview a lot of people in the watch industry.  The key question (for me at least) that sets the tone is -

What was your first watch?  Was it a gift, is there a story behind it?

Invariably, the answer is yes, it was a gift.  It marked a special occasion.  Now again, as regular readers will know, one of my very first watches was my Snoopy watch.  But time went on, and come graduation day from the U of O, I was given a firm handshake, a "hardly used" brief case and a hearty "good-luck".  Of course, you never really know what you wanted until after the fact.  And this would have topped the list -
Courtesy of Baume et Mercier
This is Baume et Mercier's Classima 10037.  I am not a multimillionaire.  I am an English teacher, who became a manager, and tumbled into the watch industry as the result of a "window shopping" expedition to Tourneau.  I like to think, to quote Joe Walsh,  that I'm an ordinary, average guy.  While I truly appreciate the rare and exclusive, I would want to wear it all the time.  For me, watches are for wearing - otherwise buy a painting.  An investment - university for your kids!

I had the very good fortune to discuss watches with Baume et Mercier's CEO.  And the one thing that he shared with me that really rang true - a lot of their watches are bought with the intention of marking an occasion.  Not to bulk up a portion of a collection.  No, these are watches that are meant to be worn.  
But that makes them no less precious.  

Here's the thing, collecting is a fine pursuit, and an endlessly engaging hobby.  But think about if you were to receive one really fine, beautiful object - one that would accompany you through your days  - you could do far, far worse than this!
Courtesy of Baume et Mercier
Thank you Baume et Mercier for remembering that watch buyers come from every corner of life.  The watch buyer is not only a collector - he or she is often looking for something that will last a lifetime - something that will truly go the distance from generation to generation.


  • Size: 39 mm
  • Shape: round
  • Material: 18K red gold
  • Finishes: polished
  • Crown: 18K red gold
  • Crystal: sapphire
  • Case back: sapphire
  • Thickness: 7.7 mm


  • Functions: date


  • Features: silver-colored, line guilloché decor, Roman numerals
  • Hands: gilt


  • Material: alligator
  • Color: black
  • Clasp: pin buckle


  • Water-resistance: 3ATM (approx. 30m)

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