Sunday, January 6, 2013

GAVOX - Change of Pace

One of the nice things about the GAVOX P-40 is that (at least this one) came not only with 2 alternate straps, but a truly useful strap changing tool. So I decided today was as good a day as any to change things up and try the green canvas and leather strap. 

The strap itself is leather on the underside, surrounded by canvas, and comes with a GAVOX branded black buckle. As I know that nobody visits this particular blog for the picture quality, here is a photo courtesy of GAVOX. The only difference being that this strap's buckle is stainless.
Courtesy of GAVOX
Straps like this one I've worn from other brands have been notoriously uncomfortable, the only exception being the JEANRICHARD which had comfort on a level with this one. This one is a very pleasant exception, comfortable and very easy to install.  The leather accent on the top of the strap is a very nice touch.

The strap is 20 mm at the lug end, and 18 mm at the buckle.  The balance is perfect for the 40 mm case.
The finish on the case is perfectly in keeping with the overall look and feel of the Curtiss P-40.  The brushed stainless steel is flawless in its finish - much better than watches at 10 times the price point.

The time keeping continues to be BANG on!  Tomorrow's post will go into more detail about the specifics of the movement.

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