Sunday, January 27, 2013

15 Days with the Lemania Chronograph - the Case

Okay, now it might seem that the main point of this review would be to focus solely on the movement of the Lemania chronograph.  But come on - there's a whole watch here!

So today I wanted to give some feedback on the case -
The case is stainless steel with a sapphire crystal front and back.  It is a three piece case, although the design of the side of the watch case gives the appearance of additional layers.  I actually appreciate this little touch because it lends to the sporty feel of the watch overall.
The case itself is polished, but the two side "ridges" are matte.  this gives a nice feeling of contrast and depth.    The case itself is "modern sized" at 43.6 mm wide and 42 mm long.  It is very comfortable on the wrist and the lugs are nicely proportioned.  It occupies the wrist without dominating it.

The Tachymetre scale is printed on the outside of the bezel.  I really like this touch as it adds to the somewhat retro feel of the watch.

The timing remains consistent at + 10 seconds per day.  As we are down to the final days, there will be daily updates from here on out.