Sunday, December 16, 2012

Keeping it Real - A Favorite Anonimo

Courtesy of Anonimo 
Perhaps some of my favorite memories working for Tourneau was when I would get a customer coming in looking for a Panerai, and I got to tell them the story of Anonimo.
At that time we had the Millemetri, the Three Glasses, and the other "early" models.

But this one to me has always been special.  The Anonimo Tricolore.

It is based on the Millemetri and is not part of the Dino Zei Collection, but with Mr. Zei's involvement.  
There were only 150 of this model produced.  The Tricolore was designed to honor Italy's 150th 
anniversary (1861 - 2011).

And in addition, I would have to say that one of my favorite interviews was with Mr. Zei.  The usual 
interview is ME, MY ACHIEVEMENTS, etc.  but I can say that Mr. Zei was a revelation.  Sincere, 
and a very lovely person.  I was lucky to meet him at BaselWorld this year - albeit briefly.  It is 
something that I treasure.  I keep looking for one of these - I hope to find one someday.  I deeply 
respect what the founders of Anonimo did, and with that same level of respect, I truly appreciate 
what the current owners are doing to promote and expand on Anonimo's brief, but rich history.

Thank you Anonimo - for keeping it real.

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