Friday, November 23, 2012

A Dream in Red - Temption's CGK205 Special Edition

This is the second part of Temption's special edition.
Courtesy of Temption
This is the CGK205 Special edition - in red.  I think one of the coolest aspects of this watch is the bracelet.  Temption describes it like this -

A futuristic metal bracelet with large head screws in every link and two ¾ links allows adjusting the bracelet’s length by the millimetre.

Courtesy of Temption 
That is a very thoughtful approach.  From my days at DOXA and at Tourneau this was the constant request - isn't there a way to make it smaller, but not soooo small.  Most companies use bracelets that can be adjusted by full links.  Leaving a "this one's too big, and this one's too small" feeling.  With Temption's approach - "this one feels just right!"

And don't worry about having to choose between a bracelet or strap version -

Our special edition in red is defined by it’s red stop hands and the dazzling red leather strap. The watch always is delivered with a steel bracelet and a leather strap. Inside of it’s precious box there is the watch with mounted steel bracelet, leather bracelet and additional tools for changing the bracelet are stored in a separate side pocket. It’s price is 2980€ (approx. 3785 US$).

www. temption. info

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