Monday, October 1, 2012

Safe and Secure - 15 Days with the Index Moonphase Continues

Okay, so I am nearly one full week in and this has been a great watch so far!

I think the phrase that keeps resounding as I have been wearing the Frederique Constant Index Moonphase is "Affordable Luxury".   Usually, when you get a watch at a certain price-point, the details tend to get somewhat omitted.  Not so in this case!  A wonderfully tactile, and functional deployment clasp, marshaled by two buttons on either side.  Neat, tidy and secure.

I remember about five years ago, everyone was using a much inferior type of deployment.  Clasps like this were generally only seen in much more expensive watches.

And the strap is also well-thought out.  Croco-calf!  No, not some awful creature from the Island of Dr. Moreau!  Simply calf-skin embossed to have the same look and texture as Crocodile.  I like this approach and it is again keeping with the "Affordable Luxury" theme.

And the attention to detail extends all the way to where the strap connects to the watch itself -

A nice and snug ergonomic fit.  But won't that be just a pain when you want to change the strap?

No Sir!  Nice thoughtfully laid out slots for your spring bar tool!  These folks think of EVERYTHING!

Will have a fairly extensive Frederique Constant Report later tonight/tomorrow - stay tuned!

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