Sunday, May 12, 2024

If I Could Create My Dream Mido

If you're just tuning in, what you may not know is that I am, at heart, a pretty devoted fan of Mido -

So if I were given the opportunity to design my "dream Mido", (and you'll have to employ your imagination a bit here), it would combine two existing Mido GMT models -

The basis would be the Ocean Star GMT Limited Edition for Hodinkee -

Courtesy of Hodinkee and Mido

I would opt for a non co-branded case back ; )

I would change the bezel insert to the one from this globe trotting time machine which indicates various major cities -
Courtesy of Mido

Now in a completely perfect world I would replace New York with Zanesville (Ohio), Los Angeles with Eugene (Oregon), Tokyo with Kasukabe (Japan), and London with St. Andrews (Scotland). 

I'm sure the folks at Mido will drop everything and jump on this idea ; )

Enjoy your watches!

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