Thursday, July 27, 2023

Where In The World Is...

Russell Kelly?

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It's actually a wee bit of a rhetorical question.
News reached the North Shore offices of Henki Time earlier today that the Mighty Ship Hodinkee has once again lost a loyal lieutenant, leaving a rapidly shrinking inner circle to carry on. So a press release is out, the world is aware, but Mr. Kelly is still listed as Chief Commercial Officer of Hodinkee! Which is a wee bit ironic as Hodinkee is, well, a digital based organization that has historically prided itself on getting you, gentle reader, the latest news far in advance of anyone else. One would have to assume that the webmaster might have gotten waylaid waiting for a pour-over at their favorite trendy spot.

So while we could have plenty of platitudes, the plain simple truth when viewed from the outside is that Hodinkee is continuing to lose folks, and not insignificant ones. And losing someone of Mr. Kelly's stature is not an insignificant loss. The man knows the watch distribution business inside and out, and considering that Hodinkee is now a retail outlet dressed as a journalistic endeavor, you might really want someone who knows the people behind the brands.

So we shall wait, and we shall see, and hopefully the webmaster will be able to log in and update the Hodinkee Masthead, unless they stopped off for a donut to go with that coffee ; )

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