Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Presidents And Vulcain - Over To You Barack Obama For A Cricket Two-fer

So apart from other semi-interesting, yet quirky factoids about the Vulcain Cricket and the President of the United States there is one fairly interesting one that stands out -
Only 2 US Presidents since its invention and release in 1947 have not owned a Vulcain Cricket.  John F. Kennedy, and George W. Bush.

Now the speculation as to why JFK never received a Vulcain Cricket can finally be resolved fairly simply - Vulcain never gave a Cricket to a US President, therefore unless he bought one, or was given one by a third party, there was never any reason that JFK would have owned a Vulcain Cricket. Because again, Vulcain (the main Swiss company) never gave a US President a Vulcain Cricket, until...
2008 saw the election of Barack Obama. It represented quite a few firsts, but insofar as watch history goes, this was the first time that Vulcain - the Swiss Vulcain, ever gave a Vulcain Cricket to a sitting US President.

It is worth noting, this was the second iteration of Vulcain. The brand had been bought by a group known as Production et Marketing Horologer or PMH.  This new iteration of Vulcain went "live" again in 2001 and moved the brand HQ to Le Locle. Michel Ditisheim was brought in as a consultant to the brand.

But almost as if trying to make up for a missed President, Keijo Paajanen, quite on his own, sent a Vulcain Cricket from his family's collection to President Obama. While nobody seems to know for certain, it is believed that the Anniversary Skeleton model that was presented to President Obama is most likely in the National Archives as he was never seen wearing it. The same is likely true for the model sent by Keijo -

Courtesy of the Paajanen Family
As best as can be ascertained, this would be one of the last Vulcain Crickets presented by the Paajanen family.
Courtesy of the Paajanen Family Collection

We have two more presidents to go, so tune in again as the Cricket hops to the wrist of Amtrak Joe.

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