Monday, February 7, 2022

The Presidents And Vulcain - Donald Trump

And we finally come to the final Vulcain Cricket Watch presented by the Paajanens, and the second presented by Vulcain, both to Donald Trump.

From the Paajanen Family Archive
The gift from Keijo Paajanen was presented to President Trump to commemorate his visit to Helsinki in 2018 for his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While it is understood that a Vulcain Cricket was sent to the White House as a gift for President Trump, it is somewhat of an unknown as to which model it was. In fairness, this was a time of some uncertainty at Vulcain as the 2016 election and inauguration fell at a time when the brand was struggling, and its former owners were actively trying to sell the brand. It is also likely that as in the case of other presentations, President Trump's 2 Vulcain Crickets might never have made it beyond the Office of Protocol, and been consigned to the National Archives.

And this brings to a close the story of the Vulcain Cricket and the Presidents of the United States, at least for now.

And I am pleased to say that a printed collection of most of these posts (edited) and some new images, etc. will be made available in a printed magazine format in the next few weeks.

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