Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Last Thing I Need... But Still Desperately Want


Courtesy of Swatch
Having spent the last few weeks doing a deep Vulcain dive, I was taking a break and cruising around the Swatch website this morning, and what did I find?  Why the SISTEM THROUGH AGAIN -

Courtesy of Swatch
I have what could be called a love/hate relationship with the Sistem 51.  The year that it came out I bought a red and a blue.  The red one was great, the blue always ran slow. And in truth? They both always felt sorta' cheap. 

I plumped for another a few years later -

This one was a bit better, and felt better owing to the strap...

But it still wasn't where I wanted it to be feel-wise, and the dial while soothing did not, and still does not turn my crank.


Sort of a SISTEM / Irony love-child!  For me, it ticks all the boxes. Do I need it? Of course not.

Do I understand that like every other Swatch automatic it is essentially a time bomb (you cannot open it to repair the movement) and once it craps out, it will be a paper weight? Yes, I get it. And at $225 it is a potentially expensive paper weight ; )

But with watches, I am often more of a romantic than a realist. And it's hard not to be romantic about the SISTEM THROUGH AGAIN. 

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