Wednesday, July 14, 2021

In Honor of Bastille Day - A Few Personal Favorites

I love Lip watches, and to that extent doing a Bastille Day post solely about them would be a cheap/easy move. But because I love them, and because I personally like the owners, they definitely deserve inclusion -

Courtesy of Lip
This is the new Churchill Automatic - and as previously mentioned, it is the Shit That Killed Elvis!

From a watch for the people, a watch for the "not so many" from Pequignet -
Courtesy of Pequignet
I am going to be very honest, I do not read French, so I am doing my best with Google Translate.  I believe that this model is referred to as the "Attitude" (crap name, sorry), and is limited to 100 pieces.

The movement is referred to as the "Initial" -
Courtesy of Pequignet
Apparently the deposit to secure one is 3000 €, it is not clear what the final price will be (at least as far as I can see), but even assuming that the deposit represents 1/4 of the price, it is a pretty interesting proposition.

And on to someone who should be far better known outside of France, Colin de Tonnac has already made some great impressions with his brand, Semper & Adhuc -
Courtesy of Semper & Adhuc

And I am looking forward to COVID19 finally fucking off once and for all so that I can try to set up a visit to the workshop, and pick up one of these -

Courtesy of Semper & Adhuc

And lastly, a clear example of why I still write Tempus Fugit -
Courtesy of Sartory Billard
This is one of those cases where I can honestly say "I knew him when".

Armand Billard is a unicorn. There is no shortage of people trying to create their own brand. Well, that's the easy part. The trick is how do you make it relevant? Further, how do you make a watch that is so desired that people are willing to wait the months it will take to get? And you do it without the aid of a big PR agency, fancy retail partner or large marketing budget. Armand Billard is the only functioning example of someone who has managed to listen to advice, take feedback, read the situation - and actually make HIS OWN DECISIONS about how to run his brand not just successfully, but insanely so. Now it's important to state clearly - Armand is a friend, and I am biased. But he is also the functioning example of everything that the watch industry should be striving to be - open, curious and kind. He is generous with his time for customers, press and even other brands who could be viewed as competitors. Watch Town needs more Armand Billards. Let's hope his attitude and spirit is contagious! 

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