Thursday, June 24, 2021

Doing Good - SEVENFRIDAY and Micah's Voice

Autism is something that touches more people that you might think. What had (in my coming up) been widely misunderstood (and often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all) is becoming more and more understood, but autism still presents unique challenges. 

Those of my vintage may remember Shawn Stockman from his Boyz II Men days. What they may not know is that he and his wife, Sharhonda, created the Micah's Voice charitable organization. The mission of Micah's Voice (per their website) -
With the core belief that each child has unique abilities and gifts to share with the world, Micah’s Voice provides hope and inspiration to families dealing with a diagnosis of autism. Through programs that provide education, awareness, support and financial assistance for those in greatest need, Micah’s Voice empowers families and gives a voice to these special children, so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

And enter SEVENFRIDAY, who have previously supported the efforts of Micah's Voice and are doing so again with a very special limited edition -
Limited to 100 pieces, and priced at $998 US, here are the pertinents -

Case: 45x45,6mm (HxW)
Thickness: 12.95mm
Strap: 26 to 22mm
Crown diameter: 7.5mm

Automatic Skeleton TMI-Seiko NH70
40 hours power reserve

Two piece, stainless steel bezel, case and crown
3ATM water resistance

Specifically designed polycaronate chip cover, celebrating the collaboration between SEVENFRIDAY and MICAH’s VOICE foundation

Four layers construction
Gradient grey semi-transparent CR39 eyewear lens
Printing relief in white, “little bit louder now” motto in white, Micah’s Voice smiley logo in
yellow at 6h
Circular brushed intermediate ring, cut out indexes from 2 to 10h, SEVENFRIDAY logo in relief printing
Double layer dial ring, beveled inner circle in brushed rhodium with 12 luminous printed tracks  Outer plate in hard sandblasted gun metal finishing

K1 hardened mineral

Watch in connection with the SEVENFRIDAY App, thanks to an NFC chip embedded in the caseback, allowing secured authentication and registration
Yellow luminous painting on hour and minute hands

Premium quality Calf skin leather, yellow stitching details towards the case, mobile loop in yellow leather

You can find more information on Micah's Voice here -

And here's the info on the collaboration, straight from SEVENFRIDAY -


When our friend Shawn Stockman, of BoyzIIMen fame, asked us to help him and his wife Sharhonda raise funds for their charity Micah’s Voice, we put away childish things and came up in 2015 with the P3/01, a 99-piece limited edition, with the whole money going to support autism awareness, a whopping USD 100,000! And we threw in a unique custom guitar to be auctioned off for good measure!

You see, when it comes to our friends and children, we are happy to grow up just enough to come up with ideas and especially funds to help those in need.

It started in 2014 when we helped our friend Mark Suttcliffe and Prior’s Court to raise over GBP 100,000 which funded the build of an outdoor activity area for children and young adults diagnosed on autism spectrum disorder. Then, we partnered with Handicap International and raised enough funds to demine an area equivalent to 20 football pitches in Laos. You see, we all want children to play and kick a ball safely, with the only risk of explosion one of joy when scoring a goal!

Well it’s now time to behave once more , to put on our suits and ties and look all grown up again!

Proudly introducing the new T1/02 Micah’s Voice, a novel limited edition of 100 pieces, with proceeds going towards this foundation to educate and support children and their families, suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

Not only will you get a brand new and original T-series, with all the mod cons you have come to expect from SEVENFRIDAY, such as our unique NFC authentication and signature animation ring. This time you will discover a distinctive four-layer construction and semi-transparent dial, using a special gradient grey eyewear lens, with a cute white print relief motto which reads “little bit louder now”.

And the whole underlined with a smile-like curve, just to remind you that thanks to your generosity, you will bring a welcome smile to someone who really needs it. And to ensure we make you grin too, we also include with this special watch our friend Riley, the 7F bear with an attitude.

So go on, behave now, it’s for the children!

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