Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Twice Again - Realistic Luxury


Courtesy of Swatch
I am, admittedly, a huge Swatch fan. And as much as I love the wild and whimsical, the one that really kicked it all off was actually pretty plain - black and white!  

I appreciate that if you are reading a watch blog, you are probably hoping for something a little more high brow, but in many ways, that original black and white Swatch was a powerful salvo in the way we looked at and thought about watches. Unless you were REALLY into watches, they were utilitarian, and not that interesting.  Hayek the Elder changed all of that with a relatively modest purchase price of $35 or so. And let's be honest, when compared with the MASSIVE price escalation of other watches out there, it is quite comforting to know that you can still lay hands to a Swatch for south of US $100.  

Now obviously Mr. Hayek is the one we all remember, but there were some other important players involved in the birth and growth of the Swatch, and if you want to go deeper, here is (my opinion as fact) great article -

In the case of the Twice again? You're looking at $80!

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