Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dear Santa...

I feel that I have been pretty good this year. And apart from a cure for COVID, enough money to add more adult education classes for our students who need them, and more than enough food for our coop food pantry, I am only asking for one thing for myself -

Courtesy of Rowing Blazers
This is part of the Babar / Rowing Blazers capsule and it is soooo drip!

I am a HUGE elephant fan in general, and a Babar fan in particular.

And as ever, Jack at Rowing Blazers writes the perfect product intro -

"Babar for me, is like a French, pachyderm James Bond -- with a family and a crown," says Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson. "He has a perfect wardrobe; great adventures; and he always travels in style: whether he's skiing in Switzerland, picking up an honorary degree at Harvard, or surveying Egyptian ruins." We're very proud to be collaborating with our favorite fictional elephant, and to introduce the first Babar x Rowing Blazers collection.

I encourage you to shop the collection, but save 1 XL of this for me ; )

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