Wednesday, September 30, 2020


From Nord Zeitmaschine -

Courtesy of Nord 

And now, gentle reader, I share with you a watch from a watch maker who I greatly admire and respect.

Daniel Nebel represents what is good, and what is right in high end watch making. No glamorous friends of the brand. No crazy partnerships with F1 teams or America's Cup wannabes, just a guy who makes cool stuff. If you find him at a watch show, you will find him and his watches.  Not a retinue of staff, not a flashy goody bag, not hyperbole.

Now, to be fair, these are not for everyone, and with the level of work, attention and craft that goes into them, they are priced accordingly.  So while I can admire Falling Water, I live in the real world where I accept that amazing things sometimes cost what they are REALLY worth, and Mr. Nebel's watches are just that - REALLY WORTH IT.

Whether you have the means and of a mind to purchase, or like me, you just want to marvel at something wonderfully cool, here are the pertinents on the QUICKINDICATOR -

NORD N3, Minutes / hours decentralized / date / 25 jewels and integrated precision-microballbearings / symmetrical 360° winding rotor with integrated winding weights, which are not visible by looking trough the bottom / 28800 vibrations per hour / power reserve to 42 h / basic ETA 2824

V1 mechanical parts coated:
white rhodium / blackgold, hand and arrows blue
V2 mechanical parts coated:
blackgold / white rhodium, hand blue
V3 mechanical parts coated:
blackgold / yellowgold, hand and arrows white rhodium
V4 mechanical parts coated:
blackgold / black DLC hand and arrows rosegold / Case black DLC

Bezel and sapphire crystal back secured with 10 screws
Crown with double o-ring seals

Diameter: 44.3 mm
Height: 15.6mm
Weight: 115 grams (without strap)


Top: sapphire crystal curved-flat 1.6mm to 2,7mm both sides antireflective, laser engraved numbers. (inner side of the glass)
Bottom: sapphire crystal flat 1.8mm

V1 limited to 97 pieces, from N° 01 to N° 97
V2 limited to 97 pieces, from N° 01 to N° 97
V3 limited to 97 pieces, from N° 01 to N° 97
V4 limited to 97 pieces, from N° 01 to N° 97

Calf leather strap, with croco-texture, wide 22mm

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