Wednesday, June 3, 2020

What Moves Me?

It is actually pretty trippy to think that it was now 10 years ago when the idea to start Tempus Fugit popped into my fevered, bat riddled brain.  I started this blog because I loved watches.  And in truth, Wendy was pretty tired of my waxing on and on at the dinner table.

Ten years on, I still love watches.  I am, perhaps, less enamored of some of the big swinging dicks who stride the halls of Watch Town, and as the Aluminum anniversary of Tempus Fugit approaches, I thought I would let you, gentle reader, crawl into my head and share with you from three categories:

1.  My favorite brands - 10
2.  My favorite people in the watch business - 10
3.  My 10 "dream watches".  These are the ten watches that I have always wanted to own, and in all honesty, they might surprise you.

Now the irony of this egomaniacal stroll down memory lane is not lost on me.  But in fairness?  It's my blog, and I can indulge myself this once ; )

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