Monday, June 29, 2020

The Anti-Tudor

The North Flag -
Courtesy of Tudor
Regular readers will know by now that I am nothing if not contrarian. I was a Tudor fan from way back. Now to be clear, not in the growing a beard to be ironic (I grew mine to camouflage a weak chin), wearing "heritage brands" (who the hell can afford brand new Red Wing boots, and have you ever tried to walk more than a mile in work boots?) or pouring over historical data so that I can seem clever and witty at the next "meet up".  Yeah, I gotta' be me ; ). 
Editors note - if you ever see this author at a watch enthusiast "meet up" wearing a "trucker" hat, drinking a "budget" beer and trying to one-up those gathered on arcane, esoteric watch knowledge (particularly anything about mvt. references) you have the express permission of Tempus Fugit to smack him.

I am the guy who nearly pulled the trigger on a circa early 90s Tudor Sub back in Turku Finland in 1997, swapped an Omega for a vintage Tudor Prince and probably is not really swayed by the Black Bay collection with the exception of the GMT (probably because most of these "born again purists" poo-poo it from the comfort of their Brooklyn hangouts).
Courtesy of Tudor
I got introduced to the North Flag at BaselWorld 2015.  And it's ironic to look back, because at that time, it was the darling of the fair. But like that catchy pop record that rules the airwaves over the summer months, once September rolls around it is consigned to the odd iTunes "Shuffle" rotation.
Courtesy of Tudor
But for me, this one is still deep. A manufacture movement, a contrarian design - not a dive watch! And it is still The Shit That Killed Elvis!

Here are the pertinents -

  • Guarantee


    Five year guarantee
  • Case


    40 mm steel case with satin finish, open back with sapphire crystal
  • Movement


    Manufacture Calibre MT5621 (COSC)

    Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional rotor system
  • Power Reserve

    Power Reserve

    Power reserve of approximately 70 hours
  • Winding Crown

    Winding Crown

    Steel winding crown with TUDOR logo in relief
    • Waterproofness


      Waterproof to 100 m (330 ft)
    • Bezel


      Double bezel in steel and matt black ceramic
    • Dial


      Power reserve disc at 9 o’clock
      Date at 3 o’clock
    • Crystal


      Sapphire crystal
    • Bracelet


      Steel bracelet with folding clasp and safety catch

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