Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Klokers Is...Back?

In perhaps one of the oddest press releases I have received in some time - and believe me, I've seen some dillies, this little biscuit snuck into my in-box this AM -
Courtesy of Klokers


At the start of the year, Klokers announced a new, timeless journey with a new team and new ambitions.

After having worked for 9 months on preparing this exciting adventure, we look forward to seeing you in a few days’ time with our totally upgraded e-shop!

To celebrate both this renaissance and the 5th anniversary of the founding of Klokers, we propose a limited edition watch brimming with character... 

Sketch out your dreams!

limited to just 365 models.

Highlighted by the white graphic design of the markings, the anthracite colour of the watch face subtly matches the blood red squares.
This harmonious colour combination emphasises its masculine identity and its modest adaptation to the world around it.
This version superbly displays its graphical heritage with the circular slide rule and pushes back the boundaries which chalk and blackboard technology once imposed on mathematical demonstrations.

As every dad is unique and because every action shapes our personality, 

klokers is dedicating this new klok-01 to to the concept of otherness, something wonderful we all have in common.

from 545 € limited to just 365 models

Here's the link to the full announcement -


Remember that fun little watch that came out in 2016?  I remember it intimately as I, along with a handful of other outlets, promoted it prior to and during their Kickstarter. We then cheered it on during launch.  Then watched as the founders became increasingly aloof and (if I'm honest), arrogant.  

And then?  Less than (if memory serves) 3 years from introduction)...

The whole thing imploded.  

You can find some commentary on that here: Things Were Great Until They Weren't - Klokers

What went wrong?  Plenty.  Deliveries were sluggish on the first edition.  Some customers received watches that didn't work and then were challenged in getting them repaired.  The cases of the first iteration were actually plastic coated with material to look like metal.  Fair enough.  But then the coating on some models began to peel.  More Kickstarters happened, more delays.  Long story short?  A lot of money came in, but it seemed to run through the company like shit through a goose.  The distribution was not helpful as at least one distributor dumped a fair amount of stock onto the grey market to try and get a quick sales pop just months after the watch had been launched.

Here's the funny part - the guys who started Klokers were, pre-launch and launch?  Nice, cool guys who you wanted to see succeed.  Post launch and forward?  Let's just say there was a marked change of demeanor.

A brand is more than an item or product.  A brand is the people behind it.  

And as if to underscore this, the new iteration of Klokers is now known as (brace yourself) -

Klokers Branding

I have no idea what in the wide world of sports that is supposed to mean, I have no idea who is behind it, if the original founders are involved, and honestly?  I truly do not know if anything branded as "Klokers Branding" is going to resonate with the folks who went along for the ride the first time.

So here's hoping.  Here's hoping that whoever is taking up the mantel to try and resuscitate Klokers is fully committed and adequately funded.  Let's hope they take heed to everything that went wrong and could have gone better.  Let's hope that they listen to their customers - both the positive and negative.

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