Sunday, May 31, 2020

Write Like You Mean It

Love letters are written, not tweeted.  Resolutions are drafted, not instant messaged.  And as Charles Foster Kane (as played by Orson Welles) tried to underscore before he was himself corrupted - a declaration of principles is writ large, without fear or favor -

We live in some pretty crazy times, and the fast pace and access to instant communication has probably made all of us lazier than we should be.  We favor speed over content, immediacy over thoughtfulness.  That is also true in a lot of our communication tools.  And that is why I am so glad that Opus Mechan is still making pens by hand, one at a time.
Courtesy of Opus Mechan
This is the Musician in Northern Lights 3 from Opus Mechan in Michigan.
Courtesy of Opus Mechan
Words are easy.  Finding the right ones, and using them wisely?  How often have we all said or tweeted or instant messaged something that we truly regretted in hindsight?  That is something we all need to work on.  And as you look for that perfect tool to express yourself, I will be strongly considering one of these to draft my future articles.

Pick your words with care, use them to inform, not to harm or hurt.  Build a bridge with your ideas.


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