Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Official Tempus Fugit Blazer!

No, really!

You may remember the Rowing Blazers guys Jack Carlson and David Rosenzweig from such Tempus Fugit posts as:

That's the one where your old pal Henki took a break from helping people with their financial aid to visit the Rowing Blazers pop-up in Boston a few years back and hanging out with these two dapper fellows -

Well, in the intervening time Jack (on the right) has been kind enough to do an interview as well as participate in the Henki Time Podcast (currently on summer hiatus).  And we got to talking, and I figured, why not ask - could/would Rowing Blazers be willing to make me a special Tempus Fugit blazer?  

Well, after a some back and forth he came up with a great proposal and offered to take an existing style, but give it a special Tempus Fugit twist -

The folks at Rowing Blazers came up with a few options for a badge.  It would have been too easy to use the Tempus Fugit logo, so based on the choices they offered me, I went with this -

Now to be clear, Rowing Blazers is NOT offering this as a standard service.  At least not for right now ; )

But here at Tempus Fugit Media HQ, we're pretty happy!

And that includes the Executive Publisher and the Cub Reporter!

Tempus Fugit!

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