Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The DOXA SUB Has a New Captain

Now inevitably, some of this is going to sound a bit personal.  DOXA is where I started my true tenure in the watch business after working for Tourneau, and although it has been nearly ten years since I moved on, I have followed the ups and downs since.  I got to set up some partnerships and be involved in some particularly cool projects.

And I still treasure my 1/92 Project AWARE.  This was my first partnership project, and it still holds a place in my stony heart ; )

Today news officially dropped that many of us already knew.  The Jenny family will now fully control the DOXA SUB.  And if I am being honest, this is for many of us not so much a beginning, but rather an ending.  

So hop into the "way-back" machine with me.  The DOXA SUB was, at its peak in the late 60s and 70s, super hot.  And then for various reasons that impacted all of the Swiss watch industry... it wasn't.  In fact, the SUB ceased production until a collector and, dare I say it, DOXA SUB fanatic paid a visit to the DOXA owners and convinced them to start manufacturing the SUB again.  Rick Marei was an industry outsider.  But in truth, that is the only way that the SUB could have been re-launched.  It took someone who was willing to think about what the customer actually wanted and would buy, rather than simply try to force the customer to buy what the brand wanted to sell.  This was a pretty radical concept at the time.

Time passed, the SUB's popularity grew, and a true cult was born.  When I think of my time at DOXA, Rick was the proud father, and I found myself often to be in the roll of the American uncle.  I handled press, retail (to the 2 store owners in California, you still owe me $), and direct sales and service in the US and Canada.  In the end, I moved on, but still did some contract work for the DOXA SUB and felt like sort of a "friend" of the brand. 

Now word had actually leaked during BaselWorld this past March that a change would be taking place.  The main DOXA brand would be taking back the SUB after approximately 20 years.  It was 1999 when Rick Marei started the conversation, and the first re-edition pieces came to market in 2002.  All direct, no retail.  And the SUB grew steadily to become a big player in the dive watch collector market.

Change is inevitable.  And this is going to be a pretty big change.  If DOXA's intention is to continue as a direct business with the SUB, then I certainly wish them the best of luck.  Should they be now thinking of distributing through retail channels (particularly here in the US), I will double the sentiment, because they are going to need a fair bit of luck, and staffing.  And if they are going to jump in bed with an official distribution partner?   Well, that promises to be an interesting story to cover as well.

Life moves forward, and the SUB will sail on in one form or another.  As someone who spent some time aboard, let's hope the next chapter is as successful.

For those of you who are interested, here is the official (and I have to be honest, slightly clunky) press release -


Biel / Bienne, Switzerland, August 13, 2019 - On August 1, Swiss National Day, Doxa Watches headquarters in Switzerland officially regained 100% authority over the name and website http://www.doxawatches.com/
http://www.doxawatches.com/ is now directly handled by the headquarters of Doxa Watches Switzerland, which now manages all activities.

Now with a centralized management in Switzerland, and still 100% owned by the Jenny family in its second generation, DOXA Watches has been consolidating its positions and business activities around the world since 1 August 2019 to offer the best service to its customers.
In the meantime, for transactions and sales made by third parties and/or independent companies before August 1st, 2019, and in the event of a dispute, Doxa Watches HQ Switzerland will do everything in its power to help and assist customers.
You can contact Doxa Watches by writing to: customer.assistance@doxawatches.com

The current Doxa Watches website is currently in transition for a few days.

Very soon, the new http://www.doxawatches.com/ website, completely redeveloped by Doxa Watches HQ in Switzerland, will be online – with the brand's new graphic identity and many new features.
Doxa Watches very much values its end-customers, and is working diligently to finally have a direct contact with them.

With the launch of the new www.doxawatches.com website, customers will also be able to learn more about the new Doxa organization and discover the new collections of Doxa Watches for the next quarter of this year. Our dedicated team in the United States under the direct management of HQ in Switzerland will be happy to help and answer any queries.

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