Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Cost of Coverage

As many regular readers know, I work on behalf of several watch brands in various areas, including marketing and media.  For some brands, that means reaching out to my colleagues in the fourth and fifth estate and sending press releases and updates.  And I had rather a curious experience yesterday.  After sending a press release nearly a week ago, I got back a rate sheet!  For those not familiar, allow me to inform you that a rate sheet is a document sent by a publication (both print and digital) that breaks down the "rates" for advertising.  Curious to relate, this rate sheet was not for advertising, but rather for having a story appear in their publication.

I am a reasonable guy, and I know that in this revived time of self/  reinvention there are a lot of folks out there feverishly working to construct a new career for themselves.  And to be clear, I am all in favor of entrepreneurs and people launching new businesses.  But here is where the line becomes blurred.  When you visit a site, buy a magazine, or pop over to a blog you are doing so because you are seeking an opinion.  And it used to be that there was a certain degree of pride that a journalist, writer, pundit would take in having THEIR OWN OPINION and not being fearful about sharing it.  

But, alas, that type of "daring-do" seems to have gone the way of a free press. 
As I was reminded yesterday, there is no shortage of people and outlets ready to accept coin of the realm in exchange for singing a brand's praises.  And I guess maybe that is the way the world works.  But it makes it harder and harder for a customer, enthusiast or novice to understand if they are really getting an honest opinion or not.

So, gentle reader, I promise you we will continue to keep it 100 here at Tempus Fugit (per the Urban Dictionary - To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. AKA "Keep it Real" or be honest with youself as well as others.
Used the same as "on the strength", "on my Momma", "swear to God", "real talk", "on everything I Love" and of course "Keep it 100").  And brand managers and owners? You don't have to PAY ME to cover you.  And the kicker?  There are hundreds of other folks out there that you don't have to pay either!

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