Friday, January 4, 2013

Searching for Biver - Part 4

So in speaking with a friend the other day about Jean-Claude Biver we both agreed that part of what made him such an effective brand communicator, is that the message is the product, not the messenger.  But as we also know, a great or unusual product is not always enough.  Enter Maximilian Busser.
Courtesy of MB&F
One of my favorite videos to watch is the Ken Burns film about Frank Lloyd Wright.  Something his grandson said was very telling.  There was a time when Frank Lloyd Wright was just another architect.  He hadn't truly discovered his "thing-ness" - or more specifically what made a Frank Lloyd Wright design unique and special.  And as his grandson said, he was essentially learning and creating his "grammar".

MB&F have given us a lot of interesting and unusual pieces, and Maximilian Busser had traveled the globe to share them with us.  The Lm1 Legacy Machine marks what I will refer to as the "second age" of MB&F.  For me, the Lm1 Legacy Machine feels like the culmination of a lot of continuous imagining, dreaming and doing.  But the product is not possible without the impetus, the vision and the desire to see it through - from idea to reality.
Courtesy of MB&F
What I like is that at no point has MB&F taken the easy, obvious route.  Above everything else, it has always been about the idea, about what is possible.  And Maximilian Busser has been one of the most engaging and passionate spokesmen for unique and challenging design.  But there is something also to be said about restraint.  To push the boundaries without being vulgar.  To perhaps help people see beyond the ordinary or every day - let them see that this is actually something that they wanted all the time, they just didn't know it.  I think that this is what Maximilian Busser and his team have accomplished.

And I for one am anxious to see the next step.

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