Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monsieur Chrono

Today saw me actually moving fairly well up the nasty pitch from the floor near Hendricks Park up to the lookout with a wonderful view of the Channel Islands, and through the winding roads of Hope Ranch and back again.  Just shy of 20 miles and in even faster time than previous outings.  

After a hot bath and cold beer, I spent some quality time with a Christmas gift from Wendy's mother -
Courtesy of Velopress  
This is a wonderful history of Eddy Merckx through words and images.  And it was here that I learned that "Monsieur Chrono" was none other than 5 time Tour de France winner Jacques Anquetil.   
Courtesy of Cycling Art Blog
He gained this name for his singular ability in the "race of truth" - the time trial.  And that does seem fitting for my two week review of the Lemania chronograph.

I will be back with an update tomorrow, but with the recent passing of a dear friend, today seemed a good day for time spent outdoors, and some reflection.

Back to watches tomorrow - be well one and all.

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