Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Takamaki Timepiece

This just in from Angular Momentum -

Metiers d‘Art - Takamaki

Takamakie or "raised maki-e" is one of the three major techniques in maki-e art. Developed in the Muromachi Period (1336–1573), the technique of takamakie involves building up design patterns above the surface through a mixture of metal powder, charcoal or clay powder and urushi lacquer.

Angular Momentum & Manu Propria is the first and only Swiss watch manufacturer offering timepieces with dials and medallions made in Takamaki technique executed in the own ateler in Switzerland.
Courtesy of  Angular Momentum & Manu Propria
Takamaki Timepiece
1.4435NcU stainless steel case with fluted sides. Diameter 43.00 mm height 14.00. Sapphire crystal, historical hand-winding movement caliber FHF 96, time display by revolving hour disk à "Souscription". The dial made from Urushi Japan lacquer in high relief "takamaki" black lacquer conches, shells and snails on black ground imitating the sand of the ocean‘s shore. A few small diamonds representing dew drops. The technique of black on black lacquering is called "yamimaki". Timepiece and dial  completely hand made in the atelier in Bern, Switzerland. 

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