Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quinting's Mysterious Chronograph

With a slow down in the news with the coming of the holiday closings for the watch industry, this is a fun time to look around for something different to write about.  I met the Quinting folks at BaselWorld this past March and they have some really fun ideas.  A see-through movement, made even cooler with the "invisible" dial!
Courtesy of Quinting
This is Quinting's Mysterious Chronograph.  And no, it is not a white dial - that is just the background showing through!  The "dial" itself is red. 

For a bit more understanding on this - here is the "Concept" straight from Quinting:

Quinting's movement stemmed from the desire to see time told through hands floating on a watch wearer’s wrist. This is made possible by superposing several thin, previously metalized, sapphire discs given an antireflection coating. It is with this very complicated system of stationary and moving sapphire discs that the watch runs.
With the exception of 7 parts, including the hands, all the components of a Quinting watch, numbering 230 and 26 sub-assemblies are manufactured exclusively for Quinting. The watches are assembled by hand at the manufacture in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since the creation of the first chronograph released on the market (movement: Quinting tech-1), Quinting developed 3 more 100% transparent movements: Quinting tech-2, 4, and 5.
Technical Characteristics:


•The unique transparent movement is patented.

•Composed of 11 perfectly parallel sapphire discs with an anti-reflection coating

•Diameter: 39,00 mm

•Height: 8,60 mm

•Guarantee: 2 years


•Stainless Steel

•Red Dial

•Round Bezel

•Total Diameter: 43,80 mm

•Total Height: 14,00 mm

•Water Resistant: 50 meters (5 ATM)

Timing Features

•Hour, Minute

•Date with AM/PM indication, with special button to set date

•Chronograph (Hour, Minute, Second)

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