Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Value of "Vault Cleaning"

Okay, so last night I put up a little info. about a very special watch that Manfredi has and today I am back with the rest of the story.

We read these stories all the time about the "between time" in the Swiss Watchmaking Industry.  The time between the Quartz Crisis and the mechanical renaissance.  This was the time where wonderful mechanical movements thought to have been lost or destroyed started to magically reappear.  The faithful Zenith watchmaker who refused to destroy movements and "stored" them, waiting for the right time to bring them out of hiding.  We read these stories and we wish we'd been around to possibly get our hands on the watches that came out of those found treasures.

Well, now thanks to some early "spring cleaning" at the SWATCH group, a very small number of vintage Lemania movements were unearthed.  And the decision was made to make something special from them.  And this is the result -

Courtesy of Manfredi 
The SWATCH group then offered these re-imagined time machines to a handful of retail partners, and owing to their strong relationship, Manfredi Jewels was selected as one of the handful of retail stores to carry the Lemania chronographs.
Courtesy of Manfredi
This is known as REFERENCE LEM-ST-1000 

Courtesy of Manfredi
The case is stainless steel with a display back.  The movement is self-winding with a date function, hours, minutes, seconds, 30 minute and 6 hour counters.
Courtesy of Manfredi
A black leather strap secures the watch.  What I think I like most about this watch is that SWATCH did not try to pop the movement into a modern design case, or an overly ornate one.  They took into account what type of watch this movement would have powered, and the built the watch around that idea.  
Courtesy of Manfredi
And they are keeping it real with the packaging as well - no crazy pear-wood monument to over-packaging!  This is exactly the type of packaging you would have seen - the attention to detail is really quite impressive.
Courtesy of Manfredi
And perhaps best of all is the price - $890 US

If you are interested, act quickly.  There are VERY FEW of these available!

Contact Rob at Manfredi Jewels - (203) 622-1414 

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