Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catching up with Thomas Morf and Hanhart

Courtesy of Hanhart
Thomas Morf was kind enough to get me caught up on the latest developments at Hanhart -

Courtesy of Hanhart
James Henderson - The development of the new Pioneer Racemaster has created quite a buzz.  Is this going to be a "one-off" or do you see it evolving into more of a unique (and permanent) member of the Hanhart family?

Thomas Morf - The Pioneer Racemaster indeed has raised great interest amongst the trade and consumers.  It's a thoroughbred Racing Chronograph and it features vintage racing elements and different chronograph functions that are so typical Hanhart. 

Courtesy of Hanhart
The ultra cool thing beside a great design and nice functions is the HDS Pro steel case, which makes it 3 times harder, 100 times more scratch resistant and 100% nickel free.  The Pioneer Racemaster is a new member within our Pioneer collection and will be enhanced with other functions in the years to come. 
Courtesy of Hanhart
Currently we have 3 different models the Racemaster GT, the Racemaster GTM and the Racemaster GTF.  My all time favorite line........

JH - With North America now open, where do you see the next market developments for Hanhart?

TM - Since Hanhart is a small watch brand, our funds to expand in every market are too limited.  We're focusing strongly in the markets, where we're currently active and successful. The US market is part of that strategy too, since our utilitarian approach is very well understood and liked.  If good market opportunities come up, we definitely look into it.

JH - What has been the "hottest" Hanhart model this past year? 

TM - It's always the one we can't deliver, since these models were presented in the spring (Pioneer Stealth 1882 or Primus Desert Pilot) 

Courtesy of Hanhart
or the Pioneer Racemaster presented in autumn.  In our regular collection it's our classic line up with the 40mm Chronographs and the Primus Racer. 

JH - Who is the current Hanhart customer?

TM - The typical Hanhart customer is the one who owns iconic timepieces already and he likes all the things big boys like.  Aviation, racing, boating and water sports. He then wants something new, but with history and coolness, no artificially created stuff.  Then, Hanhart comes into that relevant set of brands.

JH - Your third BaselWorld with Hanhart is coming this April, how have things changed in the past three years?  What are some of the highlights?

TM - A lot: We've changed the strategy without going different direction.  Hanhart has a great history and legitimacy in the field of utilitarian instrument watches.  That's what we still do today, but much more strategic. 

Our organisation had to undergo a re-engineering process.  More professionalism went into the whole organisation.  From creation, engineering, production, marketing sales and service. Everything had to go to the next level.  There is no specific highlight but the one, that Hanhart has now all the ingredients to conquer the world.  We're ready for the challenge.

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