Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's Wrong with Esquire's Black Book Part 3

Okay, we are a day behind - yesterday I was traveling from Canada, so apologies for the delay!
Courtesy of Glycine
Glycine, and most specifically the Airman represent one of the most iconic watches EVER dreamt of, let alone made!

This is one of their latest versions of the Airman.  You know the Airman - white or black dial, stainless, standard.  And there is nothing wrong with standard by the way - but this gem is a reminder of why Glycine MUST be on your top ten!  Sure, lots of black watches out there - but to make an almost black on black watch?!?

My point is not just about this model - although this model quietly reminds me about what is so great about the Airman.

The Airman was and frankly still is, a groundbreaking watch - and one that is still around and selling like crazy today.

The DNA is there - but some new twists are always around the corner.  Consistency - and a willingness to explore new horizons.

What's wrong with Esquire's Black Book?  It should have Glycine EVERY YEAR!

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