Friday, October 5, 2012

This is Not a Press Release

Okay, in some ways it is, but let me give you a little background -

As many of you know, last Monday I was in Los Angeles for a Press Dinner for Frederique Constant.  Yes, the main idea was to talk about watches, etc. - BUT - the one topic that kept coming up was Frederique Constant's involvement with World Heart Day.  When the person in charge of communications starts talking about something - you usually expect talk of product, endorsements, etc.
But remember - we are talking about the folks who encourage us to "Live Our Passion" -and that is just what they do!

Courtesy of Frederique Constant
Yasmina Pedrini is more than just a communications/pr person.  
She in many ways embodies the very best of what Frederique Constant/Alpina are about.  
If the folks involved with World Heart Day ever have any doubt as to how important 
their cause is to Frederique Constant - DON'T!  I learned more about this organization 
and their work in a brief conversation than I would have watching 3 hours of Public 
Announcements on television.

So no, this is not a Press Release - this is a recognition to Frederique Constant for all 
of the amazing work they are doing - and not just watches!

Here is the press release from Frederique Constant -

Frédérique Constant Elevates Awareness of World Heart Day with Chinese Movie Star
Ms Shu Qi
In Partnership with The World Heart Federation at Chong Hing Jewelers, September 29th, 2012

Courtesy of Frederique Constnat

Los Angeles, California (September 27, 2012) – Swiss luxury watch manufacture Frédérique Constant will heighten awareness on World Heart Day this Saturday, September 29th in Los Angeles with Chinese Movie star Ms Shu Qi, Frédérique Constant brand ambassador for Greater China since 2008. In collaboration with California’s luxury retailer Chong Hing Jewelers, a public donation ceremony held at Chong Hing’s San Gabriel location will mark the official announcement of Frédérique Constant’s first-ever partnership with The World Heart Federation.

The opening ceremony will include a presentation from Ms. Shu Qi, Frédérique Constant US President Ralph Simons, World Heart Federation Board Member and Chair of Scientific, Policy and Advocacy Committee Dr Ann Bolger, and  their Chief Science Officer Dr Kathryn Taubert, and Ronald & Ellen Lee, retail leaders and founder of Chong Hing Jewelers. Frédérique Constant’s new partnership announcement will close with a donation check of $50,000 handed over to Dr Ann Bolger by US President Ralph Simons. Nearly a thousand community members and dignitaries are expected in attendance.
Courtesy of Frederique Constant
As a brand that has shown generous support towards heart-health organizations since 2008 with the launch of its best-selling Ladies Automatic Double Heart Collection, Frédérique Constant’s Ralph Simons shares, “The World Heart Federation is the apex of organizations leading the global fight against heart disease and stroke. It is an honor for Frédérique Constant to align and contribute to the research of such internationally recognized doctors and survey teams.”

In its first partnership with The World Heart Federation, Frédérique Constant supported a new multi-national survey conducted in Brazil, India, UK, and the USA through an unrestricted educational grant that revealed a general gap in heart-health knowledge. Together, with exclusively designed and limited edition ladies automatic Double Heart watch model launching early next year, Frédérique Constant will continue to heighten and prolong awareness through 2013, further highlighting the focus of this year’s World Heart Day  – the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease among women and children.

A closing Charity gala dinner in Downtown’s historic Biltmore Millenium Hotel will follow the daytime ceremony where Chinese movie star Ms Shu Qi will join over one hundred community dignitaries for a private celebration. Together with Frédérique Constant, The World Heart Federation, and Chong Hing Jewelers, the actress will deliver a final toast in honor of World Heart Day.

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